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Add Your Recurring Event to Folk Calendar

by | Feb 24, 2022

It’s simple to add a recurring event to Folk Calendar. In this guide we show you how.

Login or Register

You must have an account on folkcalendar.com to add an event
  • How to: Login to Folk Calendar
  • How to: Register an account on Folk Calendar
  • Visit the Add Event page

    The Add Event page can be accessed from the header of every page on folkcalendar.com or by cisiting folkcalendar.com/add-event/

    Add Event Name and Dates

  • Give your event a name
  • Tick the "Recurring Event" box
  • Select the recurrence From date and To date. We recommend not adding for more than 5 years worth of events.
  • If your event does not repeat, you can simply uncheck the "Recurring event" checkbox. See our separate guide for this if needed
  • How to: Add Your Single Event to Folk Calendar
  • Add Event Times

    Add Recurrence Schedule

    Events can repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annually. The Recurrence editor will allow you to select an appropriate recurrence. For Example
  • Weekly, every 2 weeks on Monday
  • Monthly, every 1 month, Second Sunday
  • Due to technical limitations, some recurrences are difficult to model:
  • Events that occur twice within a calendar month but don;t follow a weekly pattern (eg 1st and 3rd Sunday) currentl need to be added as two separate events.
  • It's not currently possible to model events that have a monthly recurrence based on the month end rather than month beginning, eg Second from last Friday. In this case the events have to be added separately and can't currently be added as a recurring event. Last weekday of month IS possible
  • Add Event Location

  • Most events will have a physical location, but if the event is virtual or has no specific location (for example a radio show), "No location" can be selected.
  • Start typing the location name into the Location Name field. Matching locations will be displayed and can be slected if relevant.
  • If your location is not found you can add address, town, postcode and country. The location will be displayed on the map as it is found
  • You can also add a Web address for the location here
  • Note that each location has it's own page on folkcalendar.com with it's own event diary that can be embedded on external websites.

    Add any additional event details.

    You can add additional details about your event including a long description, website and telephone number. If you are cutting and pasting information from another website (eg facebook) or a Word Processor, you should paste into the Text tab at the top right. This will strip out additional hidden formatting that these websites place within the information. Events that have large amounts of hidden formatting will likely be rejected for publication.

    Select Categories and Tags, and Submit

  • Select a category for your event
  • Add optional tags for your events. These are used to filter events by style
  • Optionally add an image. These need to be no larger than 700px wide by 700px high
  • Click Submit
  • Your event will be submitted to our moderators who will publish it to folkcalendar.com as soon as possible, usually within a few hours. If you have any questions, please do drop us a line at folkcalendar.com/contact

    Finally: Keep an eye on email and spam folder

    You will get an email when your listing goes live. If this doesn't arrive it may be because there was a problem with your listing or we need to clarify some details (usually locations or times). If there is a problem we will usually drop you a quick email and ask for clarification or further. If your event hasn't gone live within 24 hours (usually much sooner) and you haven't heard from us, please check your spam folder. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other similar email services have quite aggressive spam filters these days and it's not uncommon for our emails to end up there. If there's nothing in spam you can drop us a message or contact us through the Folk Calendar Facebook page